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Neon Moon 5-min gameplay!

Hello there, everyone!

Thank you so much for dropping by!


Neon Moon is a Metroidvania game inspired by my love for Hollow Knight. It uses some of the best things that the game had like atmosphere and controls, and it adds from many other titles like dark souls and dialogue-heavy games.

There is choice most of the time, lots of interesting characters, and lots of abilities and items to use in your adventure. This video only shows one area, but this game has lots more coming soon.

This was the product of four to five months of work, but it's been going great and I'm having a blast developing it!


___________________Q and A (common)__________________________

Q. What is the engine?

A. Unity.

Q. What do you use to animate and draw?

A. Spine 2D once I have drawn everything in Photoshop CC. Everything you see is drawn in photoshop then animated in Spine.

Q. What are any assets you used?

A. Corgi Engine, Playmaker, Dialogue System by Pixel Crushers, Easy Save 3, and some visual VFX assets for the weapons and attacks.

Q. Did I develop this game so far, alone?

A. Yes I did. But I did have insight from friends.

Q. Who voice acted the characters in the video?

A. Me, with a voice changer. Not the best but it can do to keep the budget down.

I hope those ^^ answers answer anything you have to ask. But please do ask if you have another question I haven't answered! Your comments are extremely important to me :D


I post regular updates on twitter as well as on here: https://twitter.com/SenseyZ


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