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Neon Moon Concept Arts #1

Hi, whoever scours my site! Thanks for being here :)

Here are some concept arts from my upcoming title, Neon Moon; it's a Metroidvania in a world called Nightlight where all characters are light bulbs.

Also, here is a cool new logo for the game!

I thank everyone for visiting this site!

Leave a comment down below if you want (no account needed).

More info for whoever cares about the game status:

1 - I changed the game's name from Neon Night to Neon Moon on the 13th of January 2021. This was due to the game's title sounding more like another game with a similar look and feel.

2 - The game right now is far from finishing, and I do need more helpers working with me on it. Right now, I am the one doing the coding, art, voice acting, storytelling, SFX, and taking cool BGMS from Production Crate (a really cool website for creators like me).

That's about it for news that is important. Thanks for reading.


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