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Looking to get a feel for what the stock market trading world is about?

Do you like a game of chance, intense planning ahead of action, and moments where it all turns around with one move?

You are in the right place!

StoX is a card game which is played with two to four players, either as teams or free-play. The goal is to bid on and sell stocks which are owned by each player in hopes of getting a specified amount of points that declares the winner.

Players use actions, throw dice, using dirty tricks such as stealing cards from opponents or destroying a player's stock.

Players have to play smart, know when to do actions, knowing when to bid and when to keep their bid. Players have to successfully sell the stocks they bid on and make sure nobody plummets the market for them.

The game is sure to keep the tension going at all times. The game will be published on the Steam workshop page for Tabletop Simulator.

Currently, the game has over 70 cards. Unique actions, beneficiary and detrimental effects, AP costs and round times to take into consideration.

And more than that, it is fully explained in a concise and visually aided guide book!

The game will contain the following

x38 Different action cards with duplicates to make sure the game is balanced. Some cards aren't duplicated.

x20 Stock effects to spice up the game by giving you advantage or giving someone else a disadvantage.

StoX Dice Cards

x10 Dice cards to intensify the game of chance and add a fun twist to everything.

x2 Tool cards to grant you more power in the game.

x6 Modifier cards to either inflate or plummet the market.

x11 AP cards to get that recharge of Action Points!

x20 AP Coins for spending during actions.

x24 Round Coins for marking card active time.

x1 Dice for dice cards.

Stox Board

x1 Printed board for play.


x1 Guide Book for explaining the game

The game is currently being tested on TTS. It will be released to the open public for more testing soon.

In the mean time, enjoy your day!