Stories In Glass (Novel Series)


Jenny has a terrifying power hidden beneath, and the world of Soulaven won't give up until they capture her. However, in this world of glass, Jenny is the first of many dangers.

Creation Date: 2016 (Still in writing)


SoUnd Is ToxIc (Novel Series and Game)


In a weird world, a girl by the name of Lolite Ermha finds herself wanting to create dubstep music. But is that the gist of her story? This weird world is only the beginning. Lolite's story is not that simple.

Creation Date: 2017 (Game complete. Novels still in writing)

Young Moon.png

Young Moon (Game)


Young Light, one of the characters from my upcoming game Neon Night, has found himself on a moon and some bats are suddenly attacking him. He has nothing but himself to survive!

Game Off 2020 Submission.

Creation Date: 2020 (Game complete)

Neon Night (Game)


Based on Before Dark's world.

Enter into this world of darkness, where Neon wakes up in an abandoned part of the world, and he has to find the way home.

Creation Date: 2020 (Just started development)


Before Dark (Game)


A neon world, a neon hoop, and the most difficult platforming can ever get. Before Dark is the no-jump platformer featuring Neon, a boy who lost his way in the world and has to find the way back home.

Creation Date: 2019 (Done)


StoX (Tabletop Game)


Want to feel the thrill of the stock market, the feeling of losing or winning it all in one perfect round?


StoX is the card game for you.

Creation Date: 2020 (Still in testing)

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I'm Abdulmuhsen Hatim Alwagdani, a game artist and developer based in Saudi Arabia.

I like making interesting games and stories for you to experience and enjoy.


Hope you like the stay!

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